Tuesday, March 7, 2017

TV Installation 101: How to Avoid Accidental Holes in the Wall. Hire a professional.

You have a vision of a do-it-yourself home entertainment space. And that all begins with the installation of your stunning LCD TV.

Of course it has to be wall mounted so everyone has an optimal viewing spot. Measurements are taken for the perfect spot, maybe even a few times to make sure you know exactly where the TV is going to go. You head out to the hardware store for the mounting equipment and return home prepared to build your perfect entertainment space. But then you realize your measurements were a little off or you got the wrong mounting hardware. And there's the task of hiding all those cords. This seemingly simple task begins to be more arduous than envisioned.

Luckily Terracom Systems knows the exact hardware needed for your TV installation, how to conceal all those wires and can recommend the perfect spot so that everyone has the best seat in the house. No matter how your space is set up, our expert technicians can recommend the optimal placement on the wall based on your TV size.

They can also suggest on how to set up your seating. Because no one wants to watch the show from two feet away. They also take into consideration how all the lighting (artificial and natural) can affect your viewing experience. And don't worry about the wires. Terracom's TV installers know how to conceal all those wires or get rid of them entirely though bluetooth and other wireless technology. Our installers think of all the details that go into building your ideal entertainment space and apply that to where your TV should be placed.

So avoid putting any unwanted holes in your walls and let Terracom install your TV the right way. 


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