Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Smarter Way to Keep Your Home Safe

We all wish that we didn’t live in a world where we had to lock our doors and take numerous safety precautions when it comes to our home. Unfortunately home security is something we have to think about for yourself and your family. So how extensive do you go? A simple bolt on the door? An alarm system? Or perhaps something more comprehensive with motion sensors and video cameras.

An Integrated Home Security System

With today’s advanced technology, a custom home security system is easily attainable and user friendly. Lights can turn on when a motion sensor is triggered or you can even schedule specific access times and codes to visitors (or teenagers). Integrating your home automation system by connecting your lighting, electronics, blinds, etc. easily provides a new level of security. Some systems even have pre-programmed settings in which the lights, TV and blinds can be activated so to appear as if you’re in your home even when you’re not. Now with home automation, turning on lights, setting the alarm system or authorizing visitors can all be controlled easily from your mobile device.

Mobile Integrated Security System

And with mobile devices, gone are the days when the security control panel required a world record sprint down the hall and through the house to de-active the system before the alarm sounded and alerted the police. Now, systems are integrated easily to your tablet, phone, or other mobile devices. If the alarm goes off, whether you’re home or not, you can easily see what alarm was triggered and de-activate it if necessary. Security camera feeds can stream directly to your mobile device. Thus allowing you to confidently grant a guest entry to your home.

But not everyone needs or can afford every single security feature. Terracom custom builds each security system to meet your specific needs and budget. So that if you have pets, teenagers, or little ones, your home security plan can take into account who’s roaming about or opening doors. And you can monitor all that from your mobile device. No matter your set up, you can feel comfortable at night or when you leave the house.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Light Up Your Outdoor Space with Smart Lighting

As the days get warmer, more and more time is being enjoyed outside. And if you have an expansive outdoor entertainment space or even just a couple of patio chairs and table, lighting can set the tone and extend the duration of your outdoor experience. More than just setting lights on a timer, smart lighting can define your outdoor space and even play an integral part in home security. 

Cue the Smart Lights

Just like indoor lights, outdoor lighting can set the mood of your event. Lighting can even be programmed to coincide with the sunset and sunrise. As you lose the sun, the lights can automatically be turned up so that your event can continue into the night. But even before your party starts, you don’t have to worry about your lights if you have pre-set settings. One push of a button and your outdoor lighting design is all set. Of course smart lighting can be added to your home automation system which can all be controlled from a mobile device so that you don’t even have to leave the party.  

Outdoor Lighting Adds to Home Security

But more than helping you party into the wee hours of the night, outdoor lighting can be an important part of your home security system. Flood lights can be set on motion sensors or even coordinated to flash when the alarm system is activated. Having your lights synced with your security system adds one more deterrent for an intruder. 

Your lighting design outside of the house can do more than just light the path to the doorway. Having your landscape lighting programmed along with your other outside lights to dim here and there creates the perfect atmosphere for your outdoor event. And when you’re not enjoying your outdoor space, that lighting can be used as an essential element of your home security system. Outside lighting is now more than just lights in the dark.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Rockies Baseball Best Seen on a Terracom Home Theater System

Now that it's officially springtime, professional baseball is in full swing. This means it's time to go support your Colorado Rockies. While watching the game live from Coors Field may be ideal, a Terracom home theater system certainly provides the best in-home viewing experience.

Watching the game from the comfort of your home on a digital home theater system by Terracom delivers the best color, sound, lighting, seating and more. Our professional team of experienced home theater installers approach every home theater install with one goal in mind - Create the best audio/visual experience possible.

Terracom Systems loves Rockies baseball and we're proud to be a Colorado home theater system installation company. Whether you're a rabid Rockies fan or not, if you're interested in a custom home theater, we would love to talk with you.

TV Installation & TV Wall Mounting

Not ready to install a home theater system, but still looking to improve your home entertainment experience? A professionally installed TV might be the right choice for you. Terracom also provides tv installation and wall mounting services. Plus we can still put our audio video distribution services to work in your home to ensure the best viewing experience.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

TV Installation 101: How to Avoid Accidental Holes in the Wall. Hire a professional.

You have a vision of a do-it-yourself home entertainment space. And that all begins with the installation of your stunning LCD TV.

Of course it has to be wall mounted so everyone has an optimal viewing spot. Measurements are taken for the perfect spot, maybe even a few times to make sure you know exactly where the TV is going to go. You head out to the hardware store for the mounting equipment and return home prepared to build your perfect entertainment space. But then you realize your measurements were a little off or you got the wrong mounting hardware. And there's the task of hiding all those cords. This seemingly simple task begins to be more arduous than envisioned.

Luckily Terracom Systems knows the exact hardware needed for your TV installation, how to conceal all those wires and can recommend the perfect spot so that everyone has the best seat in the house. No matter how your space is set up, our expert technicians can recommend the optimal placement on the wall based on your TV size.

They can also suggest on how to set up your seating. Because no one wants to watch the show from two feet away. They also take into consideration how all the lighting (artificial and natural) can affect your viewing experience. And don't worry about the wires. Terracom's TV installers know how to conceal all those wires or get rid of them entirely though bluetooth and other wireless technology. Our installers think of all the details that go into building your ideal entertainment space and apply that to where your TV should be placed.

So avoid putting any unwanted holes in your walls and let Terracom install your TV the right way. 


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