Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Smarter Way to Keep Your Home Safe

We all wish that we didn’t live in a world where we had to lock our doors and take numerous safety precautions when it comes to our home. Unfortunately home security is something we have to think about for yourself and your family. So how extensive do you go? A simple bolt on the door? An alarm system? Or perhaps something more comprehensive with motion sensors and video cameras.

An Integrated Home Security System

With today’s advanced technology, a custom home security system is easily attainable and user friendly. Lights can turn on when a motion sensor is triggered or you can even schedule specific access times and codes to visitors (or teenagers). Integrating your home automation system by connecting your lighting, electronics, blinds, etc. easily provides a new level of security. Some systems even have pre-programmed settings in which the lights, TV and blinds can be activated so to appear as if you’re in your home even when you’re not. Now with home automation, turning on lights, setting the alarm system or authorizing visitors can all be controlled easily from your mobile device.

Mobile Integrated Security System

And with mobile devices, gone are the days when the security control panel required a world record sprint down the hall and through the house to de-active the system before the alarm sounded and alerted the police. Now, systems are integrated easily to your tablet, phone, or other mobile devices. If the alarm goes off, whether you’re home or not, you can easily see what alarm was triggered and de-activate it if necessary. Security camera feeds can stream directly to your mobile device. Thus allowing you to confidently grant a guest entry to your home.

But not everyone needs or can afford every single security feature. Terracom custom builds each security system to meet your specific needs and budget. So that if you have pets, teenagers, or little ones, your home security plan can take into account who’s roaming about or opening doors. And you can monitor all that from your mobile device. No matter your set up, you can feel comfortable at night or when you leave the house.

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