Friday, December 1, 2017

Cooking with Smart Tech

The holiday season is here and the cooking season has been kicked off with Thanksgiving. Now with Christmas right around the corner, there’s even more love to spread through cooking and baking. Of course your tried and true cooking utensils will help you cook the perfect Christmas dinner and dozens of Christmas cookies. But why not get a little help from technology to help you out in the kitchen. Here's a list of a few smart tech kitchen items to gift yourself or a loved one this holiday season:

Smart Scales - These scales connect to your mobile device via an app and helps you follow recipes in addition to alerting you to the weight of what you’re measuring. Most will also adjust recipes if you’ve added too much of one one ingredient.

Sous Vide Cooker - This method of cooking is slowly becoming more prominent in the home cooks' kitchens. These smarter sous vide cookers are able to tell you down to the degree what temperature your water is at so you can cook a delicious and favorable meal without burning or losing all the nutrients traditional cooking methods may cause. And most models are connected via bluetooth.

Smart Meat Thermometers - Instead of having to constantly grab the thermometer to check your meat, these new wave of smart thermometers are connected to your mobile device via bluetooth and send you alerts when your meat has reached the desired temperature. No more guessing if your meat is done to the temperature you want and no more hovering over the grill, stove or oven.

Intelligent Frying Pans - In addition to providing recipes, these new smart pans tell you when the temperature is right for adding your ingredients and when your food is done. They also help you maintain the correct heat so your meal cooks perfectly. Touted as great for beginners who may be unsure about when to add items or when they’re done cooking.

And while this is not a cooking device, a bluetooth-enabled smart fork is a new way of keeping track of what you're eating. It's designed to track how fast you're eating and can log your meal-time habits. — Which can be handy post-holiday feasting.

Almost any traditional kitchen utensil or appliance has a smart counterpart these days. And while those traditional tools still work and produce great meals and treats, new smart technology can boost your cooking prowess to impress your friends and family. So add these items to your smart kitchen this holiday season. Because before you know it, they will all be connected to your home automation system, and all you’ll have to do is ask your kitchen to whip you up a batch of Christmas cookies and wait for the oven to ding.

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